Below are the proposed dates and possible format for this year’s CQ Carnival of Pool.
Until the CQ Delegates and Fraser Coast Eight Ball confirm, please do not book or arrange holidays, if required, until dates are confirmed.
Proposal is as follows:
Please find below proposed dates for this year’s CQ Carnival of Pool. As there are still number restrictions, these dates are based on safe numbers to hold these events.
These dates, we hope, also give Associations time to arrange team shirts otherwise you can use last year’s or at least collared shirts. There could be situations where shirts may not be available in time due to lockdowns overseas.
These dates are only a proposal as these dates will depend upon Fraser Coast Eight Ball and their venue.
Masters - team event Saturday 1st August
Masters - Singles Championship Sunday 2nd August (unless both events can happen on the one day)
Open’s & Women’s Zones - Friday 7th August
Open’s & Women’s Teams - Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th August
Open’s & Women’s Single’s Championships - Monday 10th August (unless you want to hold the singles after the team events during afternoon/evening)
B & C Grade - Friday 14th August
B & C Grade Teams - Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th August (unless you want to hold the singles after the team events during afternoon/evening)
All of the QLD State Team Trials are in October.
It was decided at the online QEBF AGM that each zone will have the same numbers allocated as per last year for the State Trials which I believe were:
Masters - 6 places
Women’s - 7 places
Men’s - 8 places
However I will have these totals confirmed
So depending on the approval of the Fraser Coast Eight Ball, will these dates suit for our CQ Carnival of Pool?
I would also like to mention that as we are still in numbers restrictions, that only essential players & managers would be encouraged to attend unless numbers are lifted by these dates.
Delegates I hope these dates will suit.

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