Masters Singles
Semi Final:
John Bean 5 defeated Les Clewle 1
Jack Lewis 5 defeated Wayne Knowles 3
Grand Final:
Jack Lewis 6 defeated John Bean 2

2013 Results: CQ Masters Zone Team

 1. Jack Lewis (B) 2nd
 2. Damien Ha (R) (traveling)
 3. Dave Keet (F) 1st (traveling)
 4. John McDonald (F) (traveling)
 5. Wayne Knowles (G) (not traveling)

FIVE players will be nominated for
QLD Masters State Team Trials


6. Colleen Pershouse (G)
7. Jon Cleary (G)

South Townsville Bowls Club
2 Bell Street
South Townsville, QLD 4810

Date: (9AM to 9PM)
Saturday, 20 July 2013
Sunday, 21 July 2013

NOTE: if the QEBF Zone Ratio Changes, so will the number of CQ Entrants.

If unfinancial, the player/s will not be able to play until fees have been paid in full.

Event: Zone Trials 'Womens'
Dates: Friday 6th June 2014
Time: 9am to 7pm
Venue: Harveys Bar n Bistro, Hervey Bay
Division: Womens (female)
Format: 28 Player Round Robin
Cost: $25 per Player

TOP SEVEN travel to the Queensland Womens Team Play-off
Debbie Paulson, Julie Lucas, Sally Jones, Leonie McCulloch, Colleen Pershouse, Sonia Steffen and Sandie Wright

Event: Zone Trials 'Mens'
Dates: Friday 6th June 2014
Time: 9am to 7pm
Venue: Kondari, Hervey Bay
Division: Mens (male)
Format: 42 Player Round Robin
Cost: $25 per Player

TOP SIX travel to the Queensland Mens Team Play-off
Justin Thursby, Peter Peawkumdee, Darren Halter, Graham Davis, Craig James and Darryl Cooper

Event: Zone Trials 'Masters'
Dates: Friday 6th June 2014
Time: 9am to 7pm
Venue: Sportsmen Club, Hervey Bay
Division: Masters (over 50 on 1st October)
Format: 24 Player Round Robin
Cost: $25 per Player

Semi Final:
Match 1: (1st) Jack Lewis defeated (2nd) Dave Keet
Match 2: (3rd) Bob Menzies defeated (4th)  Wayne Knowles
Match 3: Dave Keet defeated Bob Menzies
Grand Final
Match 4: Jack Lewis 5 defeated Dave Keet 4

TOP FIVE travel to the Queensland Masters
Jack Lewis, Dave Keet, Bob Menzies, Wayne Knowles and Les Griffith

The attached document are the individual results for the 2014 Central Queensland City v Country.

this are the Grade you are expected to play at City Country 2015.


The 2017 Central Queensland Cue Sports ''8 Ball Pool Carnival'

  • Wednesday 12th July 9:00am - Masters Zone Team Play-off
  • Thursday 13th July 9:00am - Women's Zone Team Play-off
  • Thursday 13th July 9:00am - Men's Zone Team Play-off
  • Friday 14th July 9:00am - Women's City v Country Teams (Fri and Sat)
  • Friday 14th July 9:00am - C Grade City v Country Teams (Fri and Sat)
  • Friday 14th July 12:20pm - Open City v Country Teams (Fri and Sat)
  • Friday 14th July 12:20pm - B Grade City v Country Teams (Fri and Sat)
  • Friday, Saturday,Sunday - B Grade Singles (when time available)
  • Friday, Saturday,Sunday - C Grade Singles (when time available)
  • Sunday 16th July 9:00am - Women's Singles
  • Sunday 16th July 9:00am - Men's Singles
  • Nominations are required 30 days before the event date.
  • A invoice will be issued and payment is required within 7 days

All Draws attached are only DRAFT

Good Morning Delegates
As previously emailed to you back on 23rd January 2017, the CQ City v Country and Zone Trials will be held here in Gladstone from Wednesday 12th July till Sunday 16th July which is over a 5 day period.
Yaralla have advised that if your players would like to receive the 10% discount offered to members for drinks, food, etc outside of the playing arena, then if they can complete the attached Yaralla Membership Form, return to me and I will forward this onto Yaralla and they will have their members card ready for them when they arrive.  Membership is only $5.00 so seems like a great idea to receive the discount.  Players will pay for their membership upon arrival. 
Also a reminder with regards to the accommodation package offered by the Mercure Hotel who has offered a discounted rate for this year's event as long as they receive bookings for 15 rooms or more per night.  We would appreciate that the Associations would help support one of our main sponsors and also being at the same venue as the event there is no travel involved for the players.
Please find below details of the rooms configurations and the rates offered:
14 x Queen Double Rooms (two Queen size beds within in each room)
20 x Queen Balcony Rooms (one Queen size bed within each room, with the advantage for smokers to smoke on the balconies)
5 x King Privilege Rooms (one King size bed within in each room, not good for smokers though)
5 x One Bedroom Suites (two Queen size beds, plus fold out Double Bed sofa)
If Mercure is guaranteed the bookings of 15 rooms per night or more below are the following rates:
$110 per room for the Queen Double and Queen Balcony Rooms
$130 per room for the King Privilege Rooms
$150 per room for the One Bedroom Suites
If you will take advantage of this package please contact Craig Conley (Mercure Manager) on email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and advise your Association Name and stating it is for the CvC.
It would be great to have the venue booked out for the event to show support.
Let me know if any of you have issues with arranging the accommodation.

Kind regards


Sandie Wright